M.T.C. Library
Enter your user ID:
Enter your password:

Your User Name will be your first name followed by your middle initial and your last name. Your Password will be your birthday with no hyphens or slashes between numbers. Please refer to the following examples:

Example #1:
Student Name: John A. Smith
Birthday: March 01, 1961

To access remote databases from the library, John Smith would use:
User Name: johnasmith
Password: 030161

Example #2 (no middle initial):

Student Name: Diane Lee
Birthday: June 23, 1971

To access remote databases from the library, Diane Lee would use:
User Name: dianelee
Password: 062371

If you are unable to determine your username, please call computer operations at (803) 738-7635. For any other problems, please call the library at (803) 738-7629 or (803) 808-3530.